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Nov 14, 2014

How To Assemble an IR Crank Noseband

A crank noseband is probably the most complicated part of a bridle to put back together once cleaned. Follow my guide to put your IR crank noseband back together again to make it easier to buckle up on the horse and to ensure the buckle sits on the crank pad.

Step One: Start by flipping the noseband over so the front is facing down and the buckles are pointing away from you.

IMG_4956 IMG_4957

Step Two: Lay the crank strap face down with the point on your left, then feed the point of the crank strap through the offside/right hand dee from outside to in towards the horse.

IMG_4958 IMG_4959

Step Three: Put the point through the first running keeper only.


Step Four: Then feed the point through the first loop on the crank pad.


Step Five: The feed the point through the standing loop on the back of the crank strap.


Step Six: Put the pint through the second loop on the crank pad.


Step Seven: Then you can do the crank up as if it was on the horse by putting the point through the nearside/left hand dee and doing up the buckle.

IMG_4965 IMG_4967

Not all crank nosebands are designed in the same way, some will not have the extra standing keeper on the back of the crank strap and some will have extra running loops.

Follow this link to download a PDF of the above How to assemble a crank noseband

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